We have the landing zone of Vasco De Balboa.

This is where Balboa landed.
Balboa was born on 1475at Jerez de Los Caballeros and died Jan,15,1519 by execution. He was 43 or 44 per say.His religion was Roaman,Catholic.He was a Spanish conceistidor and the founder of Santa Maria and later became the major of Veragua. Once he owed a large sum of debt or money and tried to escape the debt so he hijacked on a supply ship.Balboa began his career as a spanish sailor on a voyage to . ryle.jpgThis is a pic of Balboa when in the spanish navy.
Best known for leading the first european expedition to the[ South Sea ] or knowa days called Pacific,Ocean.
First voyage to Panama.Sailed for spanish navy then for himself.
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