Samuel de ChamplainKevin,Will
Samuel de Champilain was born on the year 1567 and he died on december-25-1635,he was born in Bourage,France and he died in Quebec,Canada.He was a French explorer, who concoured an eastern part of Canada,wich is called New France.Samuel wanted to go to the sea as a boy,but he had to help the French army.Inbetween the years of 1601-1603,he made his first book,calledThe bref discours.After he returned to 2TBQSQCADZ2QJ0CA7BJQEHCAOUV61ZCA1N5O3WCACLY2YDCA5D5WGFCA43PSUHCAA70QOOCAXRGJVMCA9XHUQ0CAJWRPTSCAYPHGN2CAAGL6ZHCAQN6QHPCACV53YXCAZI42MJCAAJ1HKZCA2PJRNZCACSAV4T.jpgFrance in 1633 he stayed there until his death in 1635. Samuel de champlain was
a French,mapmeakerand loves to explore the eastern canada.Canadian says that he was like his father.In 1603 he went on his first voyage to Canada.He returned to France in the year of 1603.A lake was named after him,Lake Champlain.The king wanted Samuel to be rich and live with him.In Canada there is a statue of him.