Marco Polo

By Breanna Evans and Maddy Alder


  1. Born:1254 in Venice,Italy

  2. Died:1324 in Venice,Italy

  3. religon:Romancathlic

  4. he was buried in the Church of San Corenzo

5. the traveler and writer Marco Polo

left venice for Cathay (now China) in 1271

 6. He writes documents about his travels

7. One of the world's most greatest and influential travelers
8. The book he wrote is called The Silk Road

Marco Polo is famous for his travels through Asia. He was one of the first European to travel into Mongolia and China. He became famous for his book that told the story of his travels along the Silk Road to China. When Marco Polo traveled to China at age 17 and stayed for 17 years. In the meantime he traveled farther into China than any European had gone before. If you include his travels in Asia, he was gone for 24 years. In 1298, only 3 years after returning home, there was a conflict between Venice and Genoa. Polo somehow got stuck in the middle. While in jail, Marco dictated the story of his travels to a writer who published the book. The book helped to make europeans very interested with trading with China and the far east. This book led to the Christopher columbus exploration.

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