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Juan Ponce de Leon

  • Juan Ponce de Leon was born in 1460 at Santervas, Spain.
  • He died in 1521 at Havana, Cuba at the age of 61.
  • He was the first European to set foot on Florida.
  • ´╗┐Ponce de Leon fought Muslims in Southern Spain in the 1490's.
  • He stayed in the Dominican Republic and did not go back to Spain with Columbus.
  • Juan Ponce de Leon was a Spanish explorer and soldier.
  • Juan Ponce de Leon came from a noble spanish family and was well educated as befitted his
status and would have been taught several languages physics,geometry,mathamatics an astronemy.
  • For his service to Spain he was given the right to look for Bimini.
Bimini is one of the islands in the Bahamas.
  • When he thought he landed on an island he saw lots of flowers.
  • He named the "island" Florida bacause in Spanish Florida means flowery.
  • He recieved an education by serving a knight named Pedro Nunez de Guzman.
  • St. Augustine is where Juan Ponce de Leon landed on his first voyage.
  • He began his travels as a volunteer on " Christopher Columbes" second voyage to the new world.
  • In 1492 he fought in the spanish campaigns to defeat the moors.
  • In 1502 Juan Ponce de Leon returned to Hispanola with Nicolas de Ovando, newly appointed as governer.
  • His first Expedition was to Puerto Rico in 1508.
Juan Ponce de Leon

  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Lifespan: 1460 - 1521
  • Family: Juan Ponce De leon was descended from a spanish royal family
  • Education: well educated befitted his noble birth
  • Career: Courtier, Explorer and Soldier
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