Hernando Cortes homeland flag.

By Yulisa and Brain
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hernando-cortes.jpgHernando Cortes
  • Hernando Cortes was born 1485 Medellin Crown of Castile.
  • He had a beard and a mustash.
  • He was a generation of the Spanish Colonies.
  • When he died he was 62 years old.
  • He died December,2 1547.
  • He was looking for adventure and wealth.
  • He persuaded 100 sailors and 508 soldiers to come with him by paying them gold and promising land in his new colony.
  • He became mayor of the new colony.
  • He was from the medellin family of minor nobility.
  • He was the one who made battle plans for the spanish armies.
  • His religion was of the roman cathlics.
  • He was a miltary leader.