Giovanni da Verrazano (shown on right)

Giovanni was an Italian from Florence, Italy born in 1485. Though it was not the intended mission, he and his crew landed in America in 1524. They landed in the New York Harbor (shown below) and were the first Italians and possibly the first men to set foot in the New York Harbor. The King of France (flag shown below), King Francois I, wanted to find

a Northwestern sea passage to China, claim new land, and capture Spanish ships. The King favored Italian sailors and specifically chose Giovanni because he was known widely for his great sailing ability. Be
Flag of France
fore he set sail for the New World,in 1522 he captured a Spanish treasure ship sent from Mexico,by Hernando Cortes, to King Charles V of Spain. The value of the gold found on the ship was worth two million dollars. His main route was across the Atlantic to Middle and North America. There were four ships La Pensee, La Dauphine (shown at bottom of page), La Normande, and (name not found) that started the journey, but two shipwrecked, one vanished, and only one returned. Upon

returning to France on July 8, 1524, he claimed the New World.

statue of Giovanni in Chianti,Italy
statue of Giovanni in Chianti,Italy
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When he returned from his journey to the New World, he didn't get married or have children, but he did embark on another journey back to the New World in 1528. He left France because he failed to find the sea passage and decided to search for a Central American pa

This is where he went on his journey

ssage to the Orient. He could only go on his second voyage with the support of Jean Ango and Phillippe de Chabot and he departed Dieppe with four ships in spring of 1528. He charted Delaware Bay, and sailed through New York Bay and the Hudson River. He also went into Narragansett Bay and past Cape Cod, all the way as far north as Nova Scotia. Giovanni went back south and explored Florida, the Bahamas, and the Lesser Antilles. After exploring these islands he went through the Caribbean and possibly landed on the island named Guadeloupe in 1528, the same year as he set sail from France. There he was killed and eaten immediately by native Carib cannibals. One or two ships possibly got away but only one got back to France. His family was honored and his passing was greatly mourned and tragic. They named a Staten Island Ferryboat Verrazano, same with a Staten Island landmark. In Narragansett Bay bridge, Jamestown Verrazano Bridge, was named after him. Along with Maryland's Verrazano Bridge. He also had a sea named after him called Verrazano Sea at the tip of modern North America. He deceived world mappers for many years by making them think there was no South America. Giovanni's life may have ended tragically but he will never be forgotten.

1500 Version of the New World
1500 Version of the New World

One of Giovanni's ships
One of Giovanni's ships

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