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Francisco Vasques de Coronado

1510 to 1554

Francisco Vasques de Coronado was born in Salamanca Spain in 1510.Then when he turned 25 he traveled to Mexico then [[#|settled]] into Mexico City. Then he married and started a family

After that he set off to find the fabled Seven Cities of [[#|Cibola]]. He left with about a thousands or more. Next year most of the men from his search came back to Mexico [[#|City]] but he and a smaller force kept searching.After another year he returned with no tresure and no sign of the of the Seven Cities of Cibola.

Although he lost his creadibility after his [[#|voyage]] he regained his spot as a city councelman when he reuturned to [[#|Mexico City]].He staid in that poisition until his [[#|death]] in 1554.

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Francisco Vasques de Cornado's Signature

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