Francisco Pizarro was born in 1471 or 1476 in Trujillo,Spain
He died June,26 1547 in Lima,Peru

He is known for the Conquest of South America

On Pizarro's first expedition he left Panama on September, 16 1524 in hopes of getting to Peru.

Sadly he did not succeed.

After the first unsuccessful expedition, Pizarro and the remains of his crew planned for a second expedition with permission from the Governor named Pedrarias Davila.
This expedition was successful.

Today in Lima,Peru the city park has a statue of Francisco Pizarro.

They also have a statue in Trujillo,Spain.

Fearing an unsuccessful outcome,he outright rejected Almagro's application for a third expedition in 1527.

While searching for Isla de Gallo thirteen men decided to stay with Francisco Pizarro
they are now known as The Famous Thirteen.