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  • Chirstopher Columbus was born in Italy but lived in Spain and Portugal.
  • His trip was funded by Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain.
  • Christopher Columbus was an explorer looking for a shorter route to the far east.
  • His education was poor because his family lacked money.
  • Columbus was famous for dicovering America, but he died still thinking he had reached the Indies.
  • Christopher had three ships. (The Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria)
  • He had three younger brothers and one sister. Bartalomeo, Giovanni Pelegrino, Giacomo, and Bianchinetta Columbus
  • Columbus' second son, Ferdinand, was born,and was his favorite son. His mother was Dona Beatriz Enriquez.
  • Rodrigo de Triana sighted land at 2:00 a.m on the first voyage.

Christopher Columbus
Columbus's Signature
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King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain

Columbus's Route
Columbus's Ships: The Nina, The Pinta, and The Santa Maria