Mariah,Brayan .amerigo-vespucci-4.jpgAmerigo VespucciAmerigoVespucci_Signature.png was an Italian explorer born in March 9,1454. Amerigo died February 22,1512 .Vespucci's expeditions became known in Europe after two accounts attributed to Vespucci were published between 1502 and 1504.In 1507, Martin Waldseemuller produced a world map on which he named the new continent America after Vespucci's first name, Amerigo. People criticised that Vespucci was trying to take over.Christopher Columbus' glory. Before being an explorer he worked as a businessman involved trading goods.Thats how he became goo with ships.He moved to Seville,Spain in 1491 to work in the trading business there.He lived there around the time Christopher Columbus returned from his first voyage to the new world.Vespucci was a skilled navigator.As a trader he wanted to find a quicker to sail to Asia.He went to four voyages to Central and South America between 1497 and 1504 for Spain and Portugal.He went to many places including Venezuela, and Brazil.Vespucci's first voyage was France with his uncle.He met Christopher Columbus in 1496 and he was skeptical that he actually reached Asia in such a short period of time.He began another voyage from Cadiz on May,10,1497 he ships passed the west indies with no harm is largely believed.Amerigo Vespucci's ship(s) name(s) are Sanantiago,Repertaga and Wegiz.


  • He did four major voyages.

  • He was looking for a quicker way to sail to Asia.

  • He accidently found America

  • America is named after Amerigo

  • He was sometimes called Americus.

  • His nationality is spain.

  • He became a nationalized spaniard in 1505.

  • He was taught physics geometry and astronomy.

  • He was born on March,9,1454

  • Amerigo's father, Sir Nastago, died in February 22,1512

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Amerigo Vespucci

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  • Amerigo had two countries named after him.

  • His dad wanted him to be in the commercial life.

  • He was also known as the conartist of the sea



a model of his ship

him at a younger age